Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tips on how to find your mate on dating sites

Online Dating
The other day I attended my nieces weeding. Not that unusual except she met her husband on the internet through a dating site.

This has been the third wedding I have attended in so many years where the couple had met on a dating site.

I was thinking about this article at the time so thought I would ask my niece and her new husband some casual questions at a dinner when they returned from their honeymoon.

Me: Why did you use a dating site

Niece: As you know I have a very busy life and trying to meet people to form relationships was very hard with my work schedule. I actually saw a movie where a young girl registered her mother and that gave me the idea.

I can check out different profiles and strike up conversations at any time while waiting for a plane at the airport or sitting at home relaxing.

Me: How did you choose the dating site?

Niece: As I started searching I noticed that dating sites these days to specialize a lot more than they did before.

You can find ones for Christians, people in the armed services, business professionals and also some pretty way out ones. In the end a friend on Facebook recommended one so I went with that. I think this is probably the best way to go as she had already done all the research and liked the one she was with.

Me: So what were the steps you did?

Niece: Well firstly I picked a young professionals dating site because I travel a lot and wanted someone whom understood.

I listed what I was looking for and wrote a list rather than doing it then and there online.

So I wanted someone local as I had tried long distance relationships and they never really worked out. I wanted someone who could hold a conversation, had similar interests and was a similar age. I guess this differ a lot from person to person but writing it out and discussing with my friends really clarified what I was looking for.

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