Monday, 25 March 2013

Reading Your Date’s Body Language: Top Ten (10) Signs He’s Into You

You like your date. How do you know if it’s mutual? Decode his body language and learn the telltale clues that show he’s interested in you. Here are the top ten (10) signs:

1.      Constant Eye Contact. He’s always looking at you straight in the eye and can’t seem to take his eyes off you as if you’re the only woman in the room.
 2.      Leans towards you. He’s leaning forward as if he wants to get closer to you.
 3.      Runs his hands through his hair. He repeatedly messes or smoothes it in hope to draw your attention to his thick hair.
 4.      Touches his face frequently. He either rubs his chin, or touches his ears. These denote nervous excitement and that his human pheromones are taking over. Observe his face closely for:
·         Parted lips. It means he loves what he’s seeing
·         Dilated pupils. Watch if his pupils are getting bigger, it indicates he’s opening his eyes wide to see more of you
·         Raised brows. If his brows are rising slightly once in a while and he’s got this surprised expression whenever you’re talking, he’s definitely fascinated with you.
 5.      Adjusts his tie or fiddles his jacket. You make him nervous, in a good way. He’s doing a quick mental check on his appearance, from your standpoint.
 6.      Makes excuses either to touch or smell you. You reach for the table condiments, he does the same so your fingers meet. You stand up, he assists your elbow or at one time or another, you’d feel him smell your hair and sniff your neck rather accidentally. That’s pheromone advantage at work. His other senses are simply confirming what his sense of sight likes.
7.      Detaches himself from the crowd. You went to the rest room to freshen up and you found him somewhat apart from everyone while waiting for you. He’s unconsciously detaching himself so you’d look at him as an individual.

8.      Gets himself caught checking you out. You notice, quite obviously, that his eyes travel from your head to toe as if checking you out. He does this on purpose so you’d know he appreciates you and your body.
 9.      Marks his territory. He moves between you and another person to create a more intimate space. His arms may lightly wrap in the small of your back to guide you through the crowd.
 10.  Lends his coat to keep you warm. It’s not just the gentleman on him that dictates him to do this, it’s also a sign of ownership to keep the others from pursuing you.

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