Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tips For Women: Five (5) Telltale Signs You Are Dating A Loser

There are basically two types of men: a loser and a keeper. By definition, losers are those who are doomed to lose in every aspect of life. In a woman’s perspective though, these are the guys who think only about themselves, have no respect for others and basically a major catastrophe just waiting to happen. Keepers on the other hand, are treasures to behold. These are the men whom a woman will not hesitate to grow old and spend the rest of her life with.
How To Spot A Loser During A Date
Trust your instinct and spare yourself some heartache. Here are five (5) telltale signs that you are dating a loser.
  1. The way he looks. This does not pertain to physical attributes alone that make a guy ultra-attractive to the ladies. This is more on the cleanliness and neatness part. He might be a little short in height for your taste, even bald but if he’s clean and neat, that’s fairly acceptable. However, if he wears crumpled or mismatched clothes, has dirty fingernails, smells bad and ultimately shows several indications that he has poor hygiene, well girl, dump him pronto. He is neither worth your time nor getting your pheromones up at all. If he could not take care of his own person, how could you expect that he would do the same to you?
  1. The way he carries himself. This goes two ways. We often hear that confidence is a vital key in attracting the opposite gender. If he’s unsure of his actions as if waiting for approval in almost every move he makes, that’s bad. On the same note, if he’s too confident and cocky as if he knows everything, i.e. a certified know-it-all, that’s even worse. Chances are, he could be too proud and boastful that he would not recognize anything but himself. He could be too self-centered too and you’d probably end up as his ego booster. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
  1. The way he talks. Observe his manner of speaking. Pay close attention to the words that are coming out of his mouth. If he speaks about his exes all the time and how he got his heart broken, he could be someone who has a lot of hang ups and regrets. If he places the blame on them, beware girl. If he could do that to them, he could also do that to you! If he jokes around at the expense of another, he’s certainly a douche bag. Too secretive and doesn’t share anything about his job or family? A big NO too as he could have a lot of skeletons in his closet. Keep your guards up if he questions your career at the same time. For all you know, he’s a salesman who’s using you as his stepping stone to get more clients out of your elite friends.
  1. The way he acts. How he acts towards people around him could give you clues on his traits and attitude. Be careful if you see these signs:
    • Nice one minute, angry all of the sudden or freaks out whenever you suggest that you should not see each other again. He could have a very unstable and crazy personality.
    • Puts down others or makes fun of a person’s success just so you could see him in a good light. He could be a confidence-crusher. Just imagine this scenario: you’ve taken great pains to appear fantastic and boost your women pheromones in hope to get his appreciation and up the chemistry. Guess what, that’s not good enough. Nothing would ever satisfy him except himself. Remember that you would want to be with a partner that brings out the best in you, not the other way around.
    • Too paranoid or too jealous. He could be super insecure. Insecurity could eat him up alive and you’re gonna go down with him.
  1. The way he treats women in general. If he glances around looking for hot chicks or if he doesn’t care for an old lady in need of help, he’s definitely a big-time L.


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