Monday, 19 December 2011

How to make a man crazy about you

If you want a man to be crazy about you, you have to hit him with everything you have in your feminine arsenal: update your looks, wear attractive clothing, smile a lot, show him how intelligent and funny you are and make sure your pheromones are at the top of their game. If your “sex scents” are not strong or if they fluctuate, you can always increase your allure by using supplement pheromones for women. These subtle but powerful scents are responsible for men flipping over a woman, even one that doesn’t seem like she’d be the queen bee of the hive.

Men flock to her
 Most likely you’ve seen it happen. An average looking woman walks into a club and you watch the men flock around her. What does she have that you don’t have? You can be pretty sure there’s one thing she has and that’s an abundance of the pheromones for women. Like it or not, these scents make a man feel a strong physical attraction to a female. When you are emitting the proper levels of pheromones, this unseen force will act like a magnet, encouraging men to want to be near you and get to know you. However, pheromones alone won’t always sustain his interest in you or make him crazy about you either. Here are a few ways to seal the deal.

Stop, look and listen
Listen to him when he talks. Look at his face and soak in his words. He’ll give you hints about what’s important to him and who he really is. These hints will help you understand him better, and the fact you are listening intently will make him feel valued and appreciated.


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