Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Than Friends: Ten (10) Signs That Your Guy Friend Likes You A Lot

Find out if a friend likes you a lot. Here are ten (10) tell-tale signs that you are not in his friend zone anymore.

1.       He goes that mega “extra” mile. Friends stand by each other, through thick or thin. However, his definition of friendship has long been modified to another level – it doesn’t matter if he’s doing a difficult favor for you or he has to sacrifice sleep or health just to help you out, for as long as he’s near you, he’s more than ready to welcome the opportunity.

2.       He’s simply always there. Everywhere you look, he’s there. It’s as if he’s part of your everyday world already. In his own way, he’s starting to make you realize that you cannot live without him. He’s super attentive, frequently wants to be with you. He chooses to hang out with you over joining a boy’s night out. No man would do that unless he feels something more.

3.       He becomes Mr. Love Doctor. He’s all ears. He’s adamant that he is somebody you can totally trust, that you can tell him ANYTHING – friendship woes, love problems, even awkward topics like intimacy discussed by couples alone. He’s curious about your love life, asks questions about what you like in a man, your future and marriage plans. Time seems immemorial – you can talk until wee hours, he wouldn’t mind one bit.

4.       For him, no one is good enough for you (other than him, of course). He finds fault to the men you date, keeps reminding you that “you deserve someone better”.

5.       He confides, big time. He shares his future dreams with you. He’s not afraid to let you know his good and bad qualities. He’s transparent to you when he’s weak. He reveals the emotional side of him that he never showed before. For a man to be that vulnerable to a woman, it signifies a deeper relationship.

6.       He reacts differently especially when you comment about the way he looks. Let’s say you complimented that he looks great in blue. All of the sudden, his wardrobe staples are now full of shades of blue. Say you like a particular scent. Surprisingly, you’ll notice him wear this pheromone cologne brand all the time.

7.       His body language changes. He gets touchy – his hand lingers when he touches the small of your back, the usual brief embrace turns into longer, more intimate hugs. He seems to have a constant excuse to be close to you – to hold your hand, tuck your hair, smell the pheromone perfume behind your neck.

8.       He stares. He cannot take his eyes off you. When you catch him doing that, either he glances away or distract you by giving punch lines or turning it into a joke.

9.       He goes all romantic. It’s natural for a friend to be sweet but for a guy pal to be romantic towards you, that speaks volume. If in the past, he used to hate spending time seeing romantic flicks but now he’s interested on watching them with you, that’s a clear clue, girl.

10.   He’s the perfect model of a friend to all your friends. His ultimate goal – urge your friends to open your eyes that you’re lucky to have him, that you should consider going out with him and never let go.


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