Monday, 2 December 2013

Tips For Women: Four (4) Things To Consider When Dressing Up To Attract Men

How you look creates an impression to every people you meet. The manner in which you dress up reflects a certain part of your personality that men sometimes use to gauge how attractive you are as a person and possibly if you are a girlfriend material or not.

For instance, a well-dressed lady, regardless if she’s single or married, can signify that she knows how to properly groom herself which in turn can be interpreted to her ability to take care of her man. It brings out positive energy and powerful pheromone that instantly capture the guys’ attention, young or old, committed or available they may seem to be. 

How To Dress To Attract Men
Learn the secrets to attracting the opposite gender through the power of dressing. Here are four (4) tips to show you how.

1.       Start collecting wardrobe that flatters your figure. It is all about accentuating your body and highlighting your curves. A woman’s stature is entirely different from that of a guy and showing the shape of your legs through skinny jeans or emphasizing your tiny waist through a fitted dress and wide belt can do wonders in getting the pheromones up and working. Create opportunities that will make them appreciate your womanly outline. Wear dresses and skirts that underline your femininity or leggings and fitted shirts to put emphasis on your soft and round form.

2.       Select sexy colors. Wearing the right color can influence your overall look. It has the capacity to express and evoke feelings ranging from passion and joy to mystery and contentment. To cite an example, red speaks of love and romance whereas bright hues like orange or yellow suggests adventure. When picking a shade, make sure that it matches your skin tone and character. Do not let yourself be limited with what you are used to. Just because you’re a driven and successful career woman doesn’t mean you have stick to brown or gray. Dare to try something different.

3.       Display some skin. It’s a given fact that men are visual creatures and they cannot resist a pretty image. While studies show that revealing a part of your cleavage immediately make them aware of you, you need to understand how to strike a balance between being too indecent and too conservative. You need not sport short shorts all the time or be dressed in tank tops each time you go out. You can flaunt your neck with round necklines and pair it with an eye-catching necklace or opt for shirts with cutout shoulders and tuck them in on a pair of leg-hugging denims.

4.       Choose your footwear wisely. Depending on your outfit, either go for high-heeled shoes or high-fashioned boots. Stilettos normally equates to being adventurous and exotic so ensure you have one in store for special occasions.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tips For Women: Five (5) Telltale Signs You Are Dating A Loser

There are basically two types of men: a loser and a keeper. By definition, losers are those who are doomed to lose in every aspect of life. In a woman’s perspective though, these are the guys who think only about themselves, have no respect for others and basically a major catastrophe just waiting to happen. Keepers on the other hand, are treasures to behold. These are the men whom a woman will not hesitate to grow old and spend the rest of her life with.
How To Spot A Loser During A Date
Trust your instinct and spare yourself some heartache. Here are five (5) telltale signs that you are dating a loser.
  1. The way he looks. This does not pertain to physical attributes alone that make a guy ultra-attractive to the ladies. This is more on the cleanliness and neatness part. He might be a little short in height for your taste, even bald but if he’s clean and neat, that’s fairly acceptable. However, if he wears crumpled or mismatched clothes, has dirty fingernails, smells bad and ultimately shows several indications that he has poor hygiene, well girl, dump him pronto. He is neither worth your time nor getting your pheromones up at all. If he could not take care of his own person, how could you expect that he would do the same to you?
  1. The way he carries himself. This goes two ways. We often hear that confidence is a vital key in attracting the opposite gender. If he’s unsure of his actions as if waiting for approval in almost every move he makes, that’s bad. On the same note, if he’s too confident and cocky as if he knows everything, i.e. a certified know-it-all, that’s even worse. Chances are, he could be too proud and boastful that he would not recognize anything but himself. He could be too self-centered too and you’d probably end up as his ego booster. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
  1. The way he talks. Observe his manner of speaking. Pay close attention to the words that are coming out of his mouth. If he speaks about his exes all the time and how he got his heart broken, he could be someone who has a lot of hang ups and regrets. If he places the blame on them, beware girl. If he could do that to them, he could also do that to you! If he jokes around at the expense of another, he’s certainly a douche bag. Too secretive and doesn’t share anything about his job or family? A big NO too as he could have a lot of skeletons in his closet. Keep your guards up if he questions your career at the same time. For all you know, he’s a salesman who’s using you as his stepping stone to get more clients out of your elite friends.
  1. The way he acts. How he acts towards people around him could give you clues on his traits and attitude. Be careful if you see these signs:
    • Nice one minute, angry all of the sudden or freaks out whenever you suggest that you should not see each other again. He could have a very unstable and crazy personality.
    • Puts down others or makes fun of a person’s success just so you could see him in a good light. He could be a confidence-crusher. Just imagine this scenario: you’ve taken great pains to appear fantastic and boost your women pheromones in hope to get his appreciation and up the chemistry. Guess what, that’s not good enough. Nothing would ever satisfy him except himself. Remember that you would want to be with a partner that brings out the best in you, not the other way around.
    • Too paranoid or too jealous. He could be super insecure. Insecurity could eat him up alive and you’re gonna go down with him.
  1. The way he treats women in general. If he glances around looking for hot chicks or if he doesn’t care for an old lady in need of help, he’s definitely a big-time L.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Tips For Women: Five (5) Tips To Getting The Man Of Your Dreams

You're done with the first steps in finding the man of your dreams. You’ve already enhanced your appearance and basically shifted your attitude towards being a magnet to the guys out there. You dared to make a personal change and you were quite successful because you finally found him. He’s just right there. Your dilemma now is how to make him interested enough to approach you, get him to know the real you, take you seriously and later on, have him include you in his world as his queen.
Here are some tips to tell you how.

1.       Know his interests. The best plan of attack is to get in-depth knowledge about your guy. What are his likes and dislikes? What type of activities is he into? Based on his past relationships, does he go for blond, petite types or brunette and curvaceous ones? Does he like someone who’s submissive or somebody who would challenge and excite him? Once you do your research, you could easily gauge your compatibility scores and see how you could make it work to your advantage.

2.       Create the opportunity to meet and greet. Be visible in one of his usual hang-outs. If it’s in a club where most eligible men and women are present, go there. Bring a couple of friends with you so it would not be obvious that you are after him. If he normally participates in a sports match, tennis for example, either join the community activity he’s into or be one of the audiences. Always grab the chance to make him see you.

3.       Stir his interest. You’ve been introduced to each other at last. So how do you catch his attention effectively without throwing yourself at him? First, be at your top physical form when you’re in the same room – choose clothes that would highlight your figure and dab pheromone cologne on your pulse points. Slowly dart your glance towards his way and flash a little smile in his direction. Your goal is to be as approachable as you can for men have this great fear of rejection. If you build walls around you, even if he truly wants to get close to you, he could forget all about it if he gets the impression that you’re not single and available. A friendly touch on the arm in the middle of a very funny conversation could make your women pheromones work its magic too and up the chemistry.

4.       Let him chase you. This is basically leaving most of the chasing to him. Men are born predators. They are hunters and they love to chase. The challenge it brings intensifies their thrill and excitement to win. Therefore, hand it to him. Do not be too available at his every beck or call. Give him a reason to discover more about you. Never lay out all your cards on the table. Keep him guessing all the time.

5.       Dare to enter the relationship. You personally wouldn’t know if things would work out between you two if you would not dare to make a commitment. So take the plunge, seize the moment and just do it.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Signs That You Are Ready For A Baby

Every couple, whether married or living together, comes to a point when the topic of having a baby comes up. While some may immediately know whether they are ready or not, there are some who are not very sure of it. Some individuals can ascertain even before they met their partners that they want to have kids some day. For these people, meeting someone and letting pheromones work is just the start. A couple may know that kids are in their future; the question is when they are ready to start having them.
Below are some signs that may indicate your readiness for a baby.
  • You are secure. Being mentally, emotionally, and financially secure will definitely make your foray into parenthood a bit easier. A lot of people can prepare all they want but they may still seem unprepared when that time comes. Making sure that you are emotionally and financially ready to have a baby will help a lot.
  • You are ready to clean poop. There are many difficult tasks involved in having a baby and cleaning poop is considered by many to be their baptism into parenthood. Do not worry, it only takes two to three poop-cleaning tasks and then you would easily get the hang of it from there. Bundle this with all the other baby tasks such as putting the baby to sleep and giving baby a bath.
  • You and your partner have adjusted to life together. Adding another creature to your tandem will take some adjustment so it is very important that the two of you have adjusted well already to your life together. This will allow you to focus on adjusting to the baby and not to each other. It may take some time before you can put on that pheromone perfume and go out with your partner on a real date so you need to make sure that your relationship can handle being put in the backseat for the mean time.
  • You love babies and kids. If you cannot stand having a baby around and you can barely hold a baby in your arms, then it might not be the right time to have one. On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting to hold every baby that comes your way and you think you can handle taking care of one for hours on end, then you can probably handle it well if you go and have a baby soon.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tips For Discussing Homosexuality With Children

A few decades ago, homosexuality has been reduced to a taboo – shunned by most people and deemed unacceptable by a lot of societies. Nowadays, it is a completely different case. More and more homosexuals are coming out from the works and are slowly (but surely) making their voices heard. In fact, in some states, homosexual is already recognized as a separate gender and marriages between homosexuals are now considered legal. Although the role of genes, human pheromones, and other factors has not been proven, homosexuality has slowly been mostly accepted by a lot of people. However, because of the sensitive nature of this particular topic, parents cannot help but find it very awkward to discuss with children.

Here are some tips you might want to consider for discussing homosexuality with your children.
  • Treat the matter objectively. The easiest way to discuss any topic is to approach it objectively. Just like when you are explaining the subject of reproduction (which is also quite a sensitive topic in itself) to kids, you treat it without any malice or with as less subjectivity as possible. It only gets awkward if you are expecting to integrate values or principles with it or when you expect the listener to share the same values or opinions you have on the matter. Remember, these are children. Treat them as blank slates – clean, pure, but unfortunately easily swayed. You will make it easier for you and them to stick to simple definitions absent opinion and social values. Most of all, do not get into the side of attraction between the same gender or if there is any pheromone advantage between homosexuals.
  • Be open-minded. It is usually difficult to talk objectively about a topic when you have a strong bias for or against it. This is one problem that parents often have. Since they have their own opinions on homosexuality, they cannot help but discuss it with their children subjectively. This results in more difficult questions. Why is it bad to be gay? Why do you not want us to be gay? And so on and so forth. Save yourself the trouble of answering these questions by being open minded about homosexuality. This will make the discussion easier and more free-flowing because you can look at it from more than just one angle.
  • Research on the matter beforehand. Arm yourself with as much technical information about homosexuality as possible. This will make answering questions easy. There are tons of information on the matter available online. You can even site them as references should your kids question your credibility because they usually do. You do not have to interview a homosexual if you do not want to but it would still be of great help if you get some firsthand information.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tips For Having An Open Relationship

If you are well versed with the general definitions of an open relationship and you think you are suited to being in one, then here are some tips that might just help start or last in an open relationship.
Get involved with people who share the same opinions of the relationship as you.
There is no strict boundary that defines an open relationship. The limits and expectations that provide a guideline for the relationship is very much specific to the people involved in it. Arrangements basically differ from couple to couple, so if you are planning to be in one, it would be easier to get involved with a partner that has the same ideals or understanding of the situation as you. This makes it more convenient to talk about the limitations or expectations that would be imposed on each other. 

Communicate regularly with your partner.
Like in any relationship, an open relationship will also change depending on how the couple responds to outside influences (especially since this type of relationship is more prone to outside pressure). It is very important that you and your partner are always aware of the changes in each others’ feelings and understanding of the situation so that you do not fall apart. Constant communication is a must in order for this particular setup to work. Because of the sheer nature of an open relationship, there are more sensitive complications to it compared to a regular exclusive one. Talk to your partner if he/she is still comfortable with developments to your arrangements. Remember that people’s feelings change. If you both feel that the relationship is progressing because of the inclusivity (or the lack of exclusivity), then you can expect the relationship to last. 

Prioritize your partner
Regardless of what your reasons are for being open in the relationship, you should always remember that your partner is your priority. Your obligations, time, and attention to your partner should never be compromised by the openness of your relationship. No matter how effectively your pheromones attract women, your partner should still be your priority. This is an effective means to prevent distrust and jealousy to build between couples. 

Set limitations that are to be mutually followed by the couple.
Talk about what makes you uncomfortable in the open nature of the setup. Simple demands such as no using of pheromone perfume, no dating in your special place, and such should be discussed early on. Questions such as when the other one is allowed to date, or with which people they can date, should be clear to both partners. You see, despite not being exclusive, an open relationship is still supposed to be founded on trust. In order to maintain this trust, limitations are necessary.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tips For Men: How To Win Your Girlfriend’s Friends

Your girlfriend’s best friends play a huge role in her life. They are the first people she runs to when she’s happy or excited, and when she’s down on her luck or depressed. If she’s in love, they would surely be the number one choice in her “secrets” list of the top persons to tell. If you just had a big fight, brace yourself as they will definitely know about it as if they’ve been there themselves during the entire scenario. Needless to say, gaining their stamp of approval is necessary to have a harmonious relationship with your ladylove. Get them to like you in five (5) easy ways. Here is a guide to show you how.

  • Find a common interest and organize a get-together. How do they usually bond? Do they go bowling on Fridays? If they do, arrange a Friday hangout where you can bowl all you want. Do they like to travel? Perhaps, they are beach lovers. Invite them to an out-of-town beach trip this weekend where everybody can laugh and have fun. These activities can reinforce the fact that you are not looking for a fling and that you really want to be a part of your woman’s life.
  • Listen to them and ask their opinions. So you’re having the usual Q&As a normal boyfriend experience, questions such as where are you from, what do you do for a living, what are your plans in the future, etc. When this happens, be on full alert. Some of the Qs may be meant to test how serious you are with their girl. Ensure that you are always genuine with your reactions and honest with your answers. If you’re interested to learn more about your lady, keep it simple and creative. What better way to display your affection but to plan a surprise birthday party for your sweetheart? Girls love that so if you consult them if she’d like this certain idea for the theme or not, this would surely improve their trust level on you as this indicates that you are after their friend’s happiness. Use your natural charm when you talk to them. It’s been proven that men’s pheromones attract women so let it do its thing. Get their attention and make them aware that you’re an alpha male who’s out to please his queen. Your babe would certainly be the envy of all.
  • Treat them nicely. You bumped into one of them while you’re on a field work, say a quick hi and smile. You’re on your way home and you happen to see them nearby, offer a ride. Give them your time and regard them as you would to your own buddy regardless if you are in hurry or beating a deadline. These lil gestures will go a long way. Do them a favor once in a while. You got extra tickets to a concert of a foreign band, offer complementary copies. Her engaged friend is on a tight budget and urgently needs an affordable wedding photographer, volunteer if you got the skills. Make their lives easier.
  • Recognize her space. Let your sweetie be out with them and enjoy their company without interruption. Do not be possessive. Recognize her privacy and individuality. If you think she spends more time with them than with you, speak to her about it. Open your communication channels so there would be no room for misunderstanding and jealousy.
  • Just be yourself. Look good and be neat. Smell nice and seduce her with pheromone cologne. Dazzle her with your appearance. Wear outfits that are designed to make you appear like you just stepped out of a men’s magazine. Be a gentleman and give her respect that she deserves. Treat her to an unforgettable romantic island getaway. Woo her with favorite things. Make her fall everyday. It’s all about how you make her feel that matters. If you’re doing the right thing, you would instantly acquire her friends’ consent without doing so much. Remember, they share anything and everything under the sun so your actions will reflect through her words.