Monday, 19 September 2011

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Get that edge in the dating scene - Guaranteed!

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that women who produce higher than average amounts of female pheromones (copulins) have greater success with men. These are the women that men are unable to resist because they’re exciting, seductive, desirable -- and they have that alluring quality that men fall in love with. Oftentimes, these women are not more beautiful, sexier or more charming than most other women. They just have the edge because they produce more copulins than the average woman.

According to Vienna University biologists, Karl Grammer and Astrid Jtte, copulins block a mans ability to judge a womans attractiveness by the way she looks and the sound of her voice. Grammer and Jtte conducted a study, wherein they exposed 66 men (unknowingly) to copulins. They then showed them pictures of women and asked them to rate the attractiveness of each woman. They rated all the women as being significantly more attractive to them when they were exposed to pheromones.

On March 21, 2002, ABC News reported that scientists at San Francisco State University found that women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported a more than 50% increase in sexual attention from men. The study, which was published in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior, found that 74% of the women saw an overall increase in 3 or more of the following socio-sexual behaviors: frequency of dates, kissing, heavy petting and affection, sexual intercourse, and sleeping closer to their partner.

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How do they work? Copulins have demonstrated to bring about a rapid increase in biochemicals which are partially responsible for the sex drive in men, thereby causing a man to have a heightened desire to copulate. They are also believed to release neurotransmitters that directly modify men’s behavior, such as triggering sexual excitement.

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