Monday, 2 December 2013

Tips For Women: Four (4) Things To Consider When Dressing Up To Attract Men

How you look creates an impression to every people you meet. The manner in which you dress up reflects a certain part of your personality that men sometimes use to gauge how attractive you are as a person and possibly if you are a girlfriend material or not.

For instance, a well-dressed lady, regardless if she’s single or married, can signify that she knows how to properly groom herself which in turn can be interpreted to her ability to take care of her man. It brings out positive energy and powerful pheromone that instantly capture the guys’ attention, young or old, committed or available they may seem to be. 

How To Dress To Attract Men
Learn the secrets to attracting the opposite gender through the power of dressing. Here are four (4) tips to show you how.

1.       Start collecting wardrobe that flatters your figure. It is all about accentuating your body and highlighting your curves. A woman’s stature is entirely different from that of a guy and showing the shape of your legs through skinny jeans or emphasizing your tiny waist through a fitted dress and wide belt can do wonders in getting the pheromones up and working. Create opportunities that will make them appreciate your womanly outline. Wear dresses and skirts that underline your femininity or leggings and fitted shirts to put emphasis on your soft and round form.

2.       Select sexy colors. Wearing the right color can influence your overall look. It has the capacity to express and evoke feelings ranging from passion and joy to mystery and contentment. To cite an example, red speaks of love and romance whereas bright hues like orange or yellow suggests adventure. When picking a shade, make sure that it matches your skin tone and character. Do not let yourself be limited with what you are used to. Just because you’re a driven and successful career woman doesn’t mean you have stick to brown or gray. Dare to try something different.

3.       Display some skin. It’s a given fact that men are visual creatures and they cannot resist a pretty image. While studies show that revealing a part of your cleavage immediately make them aware of you, you need to understand how to strike a balance between being too indecent and too conservative. You need not sport short shorts all the time or be dressed in tank tops each time you go out. You can flaunt your neck with round necklines and pair it with an eye-catching necklace or opt for shirts with cutout shoulders and tuck them in on a pair of leg-hugging denims.

4.       Choose your footwear wisely. Depending on your outfit, either go for high-heeled shoes or high-fashioned boots. Stilettos normally equates to being adventurous and exotic so ensure you have one in store for special occasions.