Monday, 12 September 2011

Our Pheromones Work! Check Out These Customer Testimonials

I received the pheromones and am extremely stunned by the results. I went to a night club on Friday night and wore Max Attraction Gold while my Friends wore expensive Colognes without pheromones. I found myself being approached by all the hot ladies, even taking me around the corner for a quick kissing and touching and coming back after a good experience. It happened at least 14 to 17 .Max Attraction Gold has a scent that makes me smell well in my own special way and I had only used one spray as suggested.
Harris, South Africa
Awesome product, love the scent (Scent of Eros Floral)! It made me feel energized wearing it.
Judy, AL

Thank you. I also want to say that u guys have the best customer service around. I've tried contacting other websites but they either never respond or take a while. thank you very much.
Hud, NY

Ann, PA
Russian Language

I have to hand it to you: You have impressed me! And no, I am not pulling your leg.

In Germany, you consider yourself lucky if you contact the customer support of just about any company and you don't have to start from scratch with every mail you write. Usually, if you write more than one mail on a single topic, the person answering you will probably make you recap the whole thing again and again - even with a working ticket system. And I am talking IT-support here!

Now you guys come along and connect the dots even across eBay and (which is even more impressive) remembered the question I asked yesterday and reacted accordingly. I doubt I'll ever see something like that happening in Germany during my lifetime!

Best regards from Germany and thanks for the quick reply!
Chris, Germany

All I've got to say is...Wow and wow!!!! It works! (Max Attraction To Attract Men)
Jackie, NY

This stuff really works, im a repeat customer coz it really do pheromones work, proven fact
Mary, CA

Super efficient seller! Parcel cleared through customs very quickly! Very happy!
Sarah, Australia

Received item in brilliant condition, I need to check my post office more often :) Thanks very much for your prompt answer and excellent service, top notch!
Pat, Australia

I highly appreciate the honesty of your company. I will definitely be a returning customer.
Tom, FL

I have used other companies, but your product (Max Attraction To Attract Women) out passes them all.
Shel, NY

I was really impressed with your fast delivery. I ordered my product on Tuesday and received it by Thursday and I live in the UK! Great Customer Service again.
Many thanks
Paul, United Kingdom

I Would like to let you know that I am very happy with your company! Thank You Very Much. Mark. You were very kind and helpful! I’ve never seen customer service go above and beyond for a customer like you did!
Thank You, Very Much,
Gail, AK

Wow FOUR day delivery from US!!!Smells lovely (Max SILK) & lip plumper works/pleasant to use.
Julie, United Kingdom

I would like to thank and compliment the Customer Service Department. I thought I did not receive the product I ordered and the tracking showed it was delivered. I contacted Customer Service, via e-mail, explained the problem, and they answered me in a very short time. They informed me that a duplicate shipment would go out that day, and if the original showed up to just refuse it. Well, as it turned out, it was my mistake. I was in the process of moving, and totally forgot I received the package. Between the Customer Service Department, and the delivery service, the problem got solved. My mistake, not theirs. Thanks to the great communication from Customer Service, and the delivery agent, my mistake was handled with professionalism, etiquette and respect, and that is very unusual in the atmosphere we have in this Country today.
My thanks again. Excellent job.
Walt, WI

Marriage enhancer - it works
Christine, MI

Wow. Absolutely amazing customer service. Thank you very much for making the extra effort.
Jer, FL

Seen all the hype on this stuff was very skeptical. Tried it one night worked very well almost too well. Gonna get some more before the stuff is outlawed.
Jim, IL

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent products. I ordered two weeks ago Max Attraction Gold, and I received in the next week... Very fast deliver, congratulations for your services! I'm writing because I forgot to order the Simple Seduction DVD Series with Max Attraction Gold... How much is the DVD Series? How should I order? Please tell me what should I do to order only the DVD Series, once I already have the Max Attraction Gold. I'll wait for an answer as soon as possible... Thank you so much for your attention! Keep going the good work!
Kind Regards,
Jonas, United Kingdom

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