Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

You found her. Every fiber of your being is completely convinced that she is The One. If you could persuade her likewise, then cue the music for a happy ending. But the road to a ‘happily ever after’ is fraught with obstacles and disappointments, the first one being you. Your game plan necessarily begins with brutal self-assessment. Do you need to update your hairstyle? Perhaps it’s time to get reacquainted with the dentist. Would you be willing to spiff up your wardrobe to bring it into the 21st century? Women appreciate well-groomed men, more so the adventurous ones who dare to experiment with new ways to attract attention. No, not with a Ferrari, although that might help tremendously, but with pheromone spray. Pheromones attract women as these neurotransmitters occur naturally in the body. But it doesn’t hurt to have an extra dose for that edge on the competition.

Surely, you’ve identified her as The One because you have enough in common to survive the first hello. Capitalize on these common interests to strengthen your position. You both like sushi on Saturday nights, by all means schedule the sushi dates. She’s a Renee Fleming fan? Take her because you understand compromise. If you hope to get the girl of your dreams, now is the time to explore compatibility issues. As you go through the process, arm yourself with pheromone spray to ease the rough spots. It is said that pheromones attract women and also makes them more suggestible.

Show her you care. Women are big on little gestures. A box of chocolates to mark the fifth date, flowers and a text message at an unexpected time, will demonstrate your sincerity. Of course, big gestures get big reactions but there is no need to go overboard at this point. Gifting her with a Mini Cooper will be viewed with suspicion, as it should be, but taking her car to the shop for maintenance and detailing will do a lot to boost your standing as one among few contenders for a Last Boy Scout award.

Be confident. Believe in yourself. She may be as attracted to you as you are to her. So when she smiles from across the room, do not turn around to check if it’s meant for someone behind you before responding in kind. Women like spontaneity and self- assurance. It marks you as a take-charge guy, one who can be counted on in a clutch. No one expects you to be an Ironman champion, but it’s nice to be around a man who displays the potential of one, anyway.

Being on your best behavior all the time may be too tedious. Trying to be someone you are not may come back and bite you in the worse way. But the girl of your dreams expects to see gentlemanly behavior. Saying please and thank you, opening doors, refraining from making digestive noises and being polite all around are some practices that are always in fashion.

Lastly, good humor never fails to impress. People gravitate towards the lighthearted and witty ones because they tend to manage stress better. They spread good cheer and are never too full of themselves.

You know about all these, now go and make yourself and your intentions known to the girl of your dreams.

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