Monday, 11 March 2013

Dating Guide 101: Things to Remember When On A Date

This is a continuation of Dating Guide 101 series. Last time, we talked about the things you need to know before going ona date. On this post, let’s see the DO’s and DON’Ts while on a date. Here are seven (7) tips.

1.      Be yourself. Pretending to be someone you are not just to impress him/her is a big NO. The purpose of dating is to get to know each other. It wouldn’t be fair to both of you if you let him/her meet a different you. Knowing yourself translates to confidence. Exude confidence by being yourself. Be honest (but not blunt). Do not be a “trying hard”copycat.

2.      Body language. Maintain an eye contact. Create an impact by looking at him/her straight to their eyes. Do not make long glances or do open staring on a particular part of his/her body. Be discreet in checking him/her out. If you’re really interested and you want it conveyed, be subtle with your gestures. If you’ve worn women pheromone scent, let the human pheromones take the lead. Show your wrist in a not too obvious way. Perhaps, tilt your head to the left. It has been said that this action is sensually attractive. Reward him/her with your gorgeous smile!  

3.      Communicate. Ask open-ended questions. LISTEN. Pay attention to what your partner is saying. No talking about past relationships. Do not gossip. Keep your jokes in the middle, not too scarce so you won’t be mistaken as too boring, not too much either so you won’t be tagged as a clown.

4.      Eat. If the occasion involves eating, mind your table manners. Watch what you eat. Stay away from onion-rich food to avoid bad breath, or aphrodisiac meals so not to give the wrong idea.  Always have a mint candy ready for fresher breath. 

5.      Drink Moderately. Alcohol is a major deal breaker when you’re on a date. It helps calm those nerves, true but too much of it entirely loosens your inhibitions. Remember, you’re not out to find a drinking buddy so be moderate with your alcohol intake.

6.      Turn off your cell phone.Be attentive by giving him/her your full focus. If turning off can’t be help, put it on vibrate and silent mode. Make sure to check your messages ONLY if the other party goes on a bathroom break.
7.      Last but not the least, have fun! Seize the moment. Enjoy the experience.

Tune in next time for the conclusion of the series: Dating Guide Checklist After The Big Date.

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