Thursday, 4 April 2013

How Pheromones Are Used By Humans

The use of pheromones by various animals has long been a widely accepted fact. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by animals in order to send signals to other animals whether those of the same species or to other species. There are many different types of pheromones that have been observed in animals but the role of pheromones in humans is still under debate and the question of do pheromones work has yet to be completely answered.

Still, a lot of people believe that pheromones also play a large role in human interactions. Below are some of the ways in which pheromones supposedly affect humans.

  • Menstrual cycle. One case where human pheromones were observed is in the synchronization of menstrual cycles. With just a whiff of perspiration from other women, a woman’s menstrual cycle may speed up or slow down depending on when it was done. The study suggested that two kinds of pheromones are used by the body of women – one shortens the menstrual cycle and the other lengthens it.
  • Sexual attraction. It was also observed that a pheromone secreted by women becomes more pleasing to men when it is secreted during the time of ovulation. This heightens sexual attraction and the pheromone is actually signaling men that a woman may be willing to engage in sexual interaction. On the other hand, males also secrete pheromones that are more pleasing for women while they are ovulating. These pheromones are the specific pheromones that many companies that manufacture personal care products are trying to include. Nowadays, there are perfumes and colognes that are designed to boost the sexual attraction between humans. Since the pheromones can usually be found in the odors secreted by humans such as in perspiration, putting them in perfumes, colognes, and other personal care products is usually the best way to put them to use artificially.
  • Mood enhancers. There are human pheromones that have also been observed to improve the mood. Such pheromone elicits positive reaction in women although a negative reaction was observed in men.
  • Information. Among the many possibilities for pheromones is that they can provide information about an individual’s immune system. Others suggest that secreted pheromones has information about the human’s immune system and this is used by the body for sexual selection.
Despite the wide acceptance of the fact that human pheromones do exist, there is disagreement over how these pheromones function and how they really affect humans.

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