Monday, 9 September 2013

Tips For Women: Five (5) Tips To Getting The Man Of Your Dreams

You're done with the first steps in finding the man of your dreams. You’ve already enhanced your appearance and basically shifted your attitude towards being a magnet to the guys out there. You dared to make a personal change and you were quite successful because you finally found him. He’s just right there. Your dilemma now is how to make him interested enough to approach you, get him to know the real you, take you seriously and later on, have him include you in his world as his queen.
Here are some tips to tell you how.

1.       Know his interests. The best plan of attack is to get in-depth knowledge about your guy. What are his likes and dislikes? What type of activities is he into? Based on his past relationships, does he go for blond, petite types or brunette and curvaceous ones? Does he like someone who’s submissive or somebody who would challenge and excite him? Once you do your research, you could easily gauge your compatibility scores and see how you could make it work to your advantage.

2.       Create the opportunity to meet and greet. Be visible in one of his usual hang-outs. If it’s in a club where most eligible men and women are present, go there. Bring a couple of friends with you so it would not be obvious that you are after him. If he normally participates in a sports match, tennis for example, either join the community activity he’s into or be one of the audiences. Always grab the chance to make him see you.

3.       Stir his interest. You’ve been introduced to each other at last. So how do you catch his attention effectively without throwing yourself at him? First, be at your top physical form when you’re in the same room – choose clothes that would highlight your figure and dab pheromone cologne on your pulse points. Slowly dart your glance towards his way and flash a little smile in his direction. Your goal is to be as approachable as you can for men have this great fear of rejection. If you build walls around you, even if he truly wants to get close to you, he could forget all about it if he gets the impression that you’re not single and available. A friendly touch on the arm in the middle of a very funny conversation could make your women pheromones work its magic too and up the chemistry.

4.       Let him chase you. This is basically leaving most of the chasing to him. Men are born predators. They are hunters and they love to chase. The challenge it brings intensifies their thrill and excitement to win. Therefore, hand it to him. Do not be too available at his every beck or call. Give him a reason to discover more about you. Never lay out all your cards on the table. Keep him guessing all the time.

5.       Dare to enter the relationship. You personally wouldn’t know if things would work out between you two if you would not dare to make a commitment. So take the plunge, seize the moment and just do it.

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