Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our Pheromones Work! Check Out These Customer Testimonials (part 2)

Thank you for producing such a solid product (Max Attraction To Attract Men). I have been a loyal customer for a couple years now.
Theresa, NJ

I purchase your wonderful products religiously. I will probably place another order in the next day or so. I love your products (and your service!,) and will continue to purchase them. I am very anxious to order some "Silk," and will order some soon. But hands down, Max Attraction is the best!
Val, IL

My experience with your product, Max Attraction, has been totally positive. And the same is true of your helpful staff. The occasional problems with shipping, or using the website, have been cheerfully and successfully resolved. I appreciate this.
Luci, IN

"Massive internet research led me to this site, I wanted to mock the success people were associating with these seemingly magical pheromones and chemical attraction. Since luvessentials offered the cheapest convincing product sample around, "The Temptress", for 24.50 I took out the plastic and went for it... My journey and satisfaction has led me to the point I'm at now: Using MAX SILK for many months I have but one comment to make: this pheromones for women product is my lifeessential. It enables me to bring out the better side of me as well as strike the string in others. ALL others. Not only is my boyfriend the greediest person in the world when it comes to me (with a little help from chemicals), but my friends, colleagues, classmates and individuals I meet on everyday basis are climbing out of their skin to bring themselves to MY attention. The best part is: YOU will never get tired of it, and neither will THEY. Build connections that will last you a lifetime, pheramones will give you a full boost to get your "foot in the door", afterward, it's up to you if you want to keep things spiced up or cool it down for a bit. I openly admit: my skeptical self is a lifelong luvessential customer, I can't live without it!"
Ann, PA

"Quite simply this product (Max Attraction) eliminates the competition. I have attended networking events using this product only to find that I am receiving all the attention. It's absolutely amazing. Even standing in line at a grocery store can cause women to engage in conversation and show interest. I have been using it for years and would highly recommend its use to gain an 'unfair advantage'. Thanks Guys!"
Jerry, IL

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