Monday, 24 October 2011

Do Pheromones Really Work?

Do pheromones work? Many have asked this, and luckily, numerous had answered to its effectiveness in attracting the opposite sex. But before going through the effectiveness of pheromones, first we must ask, what are pheromones?

What are Pheromones?
Pheromones are widely known in the animal kingdom as well as among insects, in which is a form of chemical secreted or excreted that triggers a social response to the same species. A popular usage of pheromones among animals is sex and procreation. And many scientific facts have supported the existence of pheromones among animals.

But other than in the animal kingdom, pheromones are also said to exist among humans. Although it has been widely debated among scientists all over the world, many have come to believe that humans possess the same chemical factor that can trigger the same social response used by animals and insects.

A popular scientific documentation of the existence of human pheromones is the McClintock effect by Martha McClintock, of the University of Chicago. According to her studies, human pheromones among women can affect the menstrual cycles.

But other than that, modern studies of human pheromones had also suggested that those with higher volumes of pheromones significantly impact their interaction with the opposite sex, which is why men with higher volumes, or secretion, of pheromones is said to attract more women than those that produces lesser volumes of pheromones. This also works among women who can attract more men than others.

Pheromones as an Effective Love Potion
Because of the effectiveness of pheromones in changing someone else’s behavior as well as their physiological reactions, particularly in mating, many scientists have sought for ways on how to use this chemical as a way for a person to increase their pheromone level, allowing him/her to easily attract the opposite sex.

This is when pheromones for women products, which is normally in a form of a perfume, had been introduced by different companies all over the world. A popular example is LuvEssentials which offers some of the most effective love potions in the market.

Because of this, many people have had the opportunity to increase their attraction not only among the user’s opposite sex, but also on the same sex, which can be used to achieve dominance, particularly among the men.

Other than just used as a way to attract the opposite sex, the use of pheromone chemicals can also boost one’s success in life, particularly in job interviews, in which the use of pheromones can significantly heighten one’s chances in landing the job.

So do pheromones work? Yes, they work magnificently and that many have already experienced its effectiveness in their daily lives.


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