Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Do Pheromones Work?

While many people have heard of them, many still wonder, "do pheromones work?" For centuries, human beings have been trying to find a magic potion to help attract the opposite sex. While the search still continues, perhaps the closet thing found to date is pheromones. Since 1959, scientists have been researching pheromones, a chemical substance excreted by animals that triggers a sexual response in the same species of the opposite sex. So far, scientists have found that animal-produced pheromones do have the desired effect, but only in their own species.

In addition to scientific studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of pheromones attract women, a variety of other informal studies have also been conducted to examine their influence on humans. For example, a common study done to test whether pheromones work is a twin test. In this type of study identical twins are....

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