Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our Pheromones Work! Check Out These Customer Testimonials (part 3)

"I had read several articles about the effects of pheromones. I was curious to see if using pheromones for women would be helpful in my job since I primarily deal with men, and while I don't mind working in a man's world, I still want to be treated like a woman! I decided to try your products, in particular the Max Attraction. I immediately noticed a difference! My co-workers and clients suddenly were much more cordial, attentive and helpful. I have had nothing but good experiences and have been using your products for several years now. I have noticed that when I do not use your products, I do not receive the same attention and courtesy as when I do. I believe your products are top quality and your customer service is excellent. I would recommend your product solely on its merit to any woman who wants to increase her allure and facilitate her interaction with men."
Maria, CA

"I can say with complete certainty that this stuff works. I was newly single and decided to try Luv Essentials Conquest for the heck of it. Why not? It's tough being single in a major city. I figured, if it actually worked, I would have a slight edge on the competition. I knew there was scientific evidence of pheromones and how they work.

The first thing I noticed was that after business meetings and social gatherings I would be warmly approached by women that would not generally talk to me. Even my male friends and business associates would notice that I was getting attention and they were not. The second thing I noticed was that these women were seemingly approaching me for casual or social reasons! These were both clear changes. I can say that my social life increased.

I am now engaged and I still use it. My fiancé likes the fresh light scent. She smiles and says it makes me smell fresh and clean. I think that's a compliment."
Rick, CA

"Naturally I am skeptical of anything that makes the claim's your product makes, but having used one bottle of Max Attraction and now on my second, this stuff really works. Amazing. Women of all ages react to the product. My love life and dating scene has gone from not much to more than I can handle. I have gone out with the same women with and without Max Attraction and there is a distinct reaction when using the product. It seems to work best on younger women. Sometimes I feel guilty using it with the older women, It almost doesn't seem fair. Thanks."
Kevin, MI

"I just want to say this product (Max Attraction SILK To Attract Men) is incredible. I am a very attractive girl and I don't really have a problem getting guys' attention but this product is almost like a secret weapon; it doubled the attention that I get from men. It is crazy, I am like the queen bee when I go out. This definitely will keep them wanting for more."
Rose, IL

"Dearest LuvEssentials: I just had to contact you ASAP. I just received my product of MAX SILK, and this product is AWESOME! I shook the bottle and sprayed one time on my clothes as the direction suggested and my senses awakened, and I just felt very, very sexy and hot. That was my first reaction to it, I was on my way to work and It WORKS. I am so, so happy. Thank you and now you have a customer for life. MAX SILK is well worth the money."
Rochelle, MD 

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