Saturday, 4 February 2012

LuvEssentials Review!

One of the reasons that I love blogging and doing reviews…is the fun and crazy products I get to learn about!  I was happy to be able to work with a company called LuvEssentials. They sell Pheromones to attract the opposite sex. I had vaguely heard about products like this before and I was excited to be able to learn more.  They sent me one bottle each of unscented "Max Attraction”, scented "Max Attraction SILK, "Scent of Eros" and "Luscious Lips" and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. I couldn’t wait to see how this worked! 

I got the package within a few days, and instantly started reading the bottles. I put on the Silk perfume as directed, one spray on the outer layer of my clothes. First impression, it smelled good. Even without the pheromones being involved, the fragrance smelled good enough that I would buy it again! Now, for my fiancé to get home from work!

When he walked in the door, he gave me my hug as usual and said, “Mmm you smell nice”. I didn’t tell him about the review or the product prior to him coming home. The rest of the night went well and needless to say…I kind of think it worked! I can’t be sure that it was the pheromones, or just that he liked the fragrance….but he certainly liked it!

I also wear the Max Attraction Unscented occasionally. It comes in a small blue bottle with an eye dropper in it. You put a few drops on your wrists or behind your ears. It almost smells a bit like alcohol until you put it on. After its on, it doesn’t smell like a thing.

The Scent of Eros is nice because it is a really tiny bottle that rolls onto your skin. Great for keeping in your purse when you go out!

“Pheromones Attract In The News” section on their site has links to CNN, Discovery Health, WebMD, ABC News, New York Times and more!

The Max Attraction Silk 0.46 fl oz bottle sells at a discounted price of $69.65

The Unscented - Max Attraction 0.46 fl oz bottle sells at a discounted price of $62.97

And last but not least,

The Scent of Eros - Floral Fragrance 0.33 Fl Oz. roll on sells at a discounted price of $49.95

Overall, I really enjoyed this product! The scents smell great and the company was very friendly and fast with shipping!

You can buy them here at their WEBSITE

Or you can follow them on Twitter HERE

You can find more info about human pheromones at Luvessentials.

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