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Pheromones in Fragrances Explained

Pheromones are defined as "a naturally occurring chemical that is excreted by animals and insects that influences the behavior of others often in the form of attraction"

There are a variety of pheromones which include alarm pheromones, sex pheromones, food trail pheromones and a host of others. The main research on? Pheromones has to do with sexual attraction.
Have you even entered a lift with someone who is wearing a strong scent. It can either arouse, disgust or irritate. This is a conscious reaction. Pheromones work in exactly the same way but on an unconscious level.

Meaning of Pheromone
The word "pheromone" comes from the Greek word "pheran" which means to transfer and "horman" which means to excite. As humans we have our five senses and many of the things that excite these senses we are unaware of.

Have you ever walked into a room and brushed by a person or noticed someone and then had the feeling you just wanted to get to know them. It is often because unconscious smells, sight and chemicals that create this sense of attraction. In many cases it could be the Pheromones that the person is producing.
Pheromones are natural scents that both human beings and animals release in their saliva, perspiration and tears. The scent from these chemicals sends signals to the opposite sex about health, mood, status and sexual drive.

However no one can actually smell these chemicals but instead they are detected on a subliminal level through our VNO system (or vomeronasal organ). The VNO system is made up of a small invisible receptor buried deep in the nose cavity which is able to distinguish pheromones and then send the signal to the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus.

The VNO was first discovered in 1703 by F. Ruysch. Pheromones are also detected by something called the Jacobson’s organ which is located between the nose and the mouth. Generally speaking the more sex chemicals an individual secretes, the more sought after by the opposite sex they become.
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Research done after 1986, found that pheromones do have a place in human sexual behavior and can be found in the highest quantities in sweat. However by showering and using many toiletry products, the action of these naturally occurring chemicals in the body is dulled. In men the chemical in human pheromones contains Androstenol and in women it is Andtrostenol.

Since we detect pheromones on a subconscious level manufactures have started to incorporate Pheremones into fragrances. This is what some people call layered perfumes. They are best applied in small amounts either to the neck or wrists.

The use of various fragrances to influence the human disposition and emotions has been around a long time, with studies to broaden our understanding of these effects spanning many centuries. Mostly they were used instead of bathing or to create a certain atmosphere. Many countries use them for religious purposes and have only been recently used in western countries to create atmosphere in homes and public places.

Once applied to skin, human pheromones usually last about four to six hours or thereabouts. One bottle of human pheromones could effectively last, if used regularly, for four to six weeks. Pheromones do not need to be reapplied as often as other fragrances to work properly.

Due to the research on human pheromones, many people have come to conclude that the sexiest part of us, males and females alike, is our noses and that we all have a unique "special sexy scent" that is unlike anyone else’s. Just as our pheromones can cause us to be attracted to another person they can also cause us to be turned off by someone else. Our body chemistry is intimately tied in with our sexual yearnings.
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One of the most well known pheromone enhanced scents is called "Realm" and is manufactured by the Erox Corporation. Anatomist David L. Berliner created the scent in 1989 when he discovered that the addition of human pheromones to scents helped boost the self-confidence levels of men and also gave them a better sense of well being in relation to their interactions with women.

More scents with human pheromones are now available on the market and the research into whether pheromones play a role in getting men and women together, and keeping them attracted to one another, are advancing all of the time.

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