Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ugly is the New Cute

Most women think that a man considering them unattractive or even "ugly" is the worst scenario possible. Women aspire to be universally considered good looking. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the amount of money floating around the plastic surgery industry. As it turns out, being considered universally good looking could prevent you from getting a date.

A study done early this year by OkCupid found that women who are considered "cute" by all men generally receive fewer messages on the dating service. Wait… what? Yep, it appears that pleasing everyone is not the right direction to take if you’re looking for a date.

So, how does having thousands of men think you’re cute work against you? Well, OkCupid found that the more men disagree on your physical appearance, the more attention you will get.

For example, let’s pretend we are polling 10 men on your physical appearance. In one instance, 4 said you were completely unattractive, 4 said you were totally hot and 2 said you were cute. In another instance, 8 said you were cute and 2 said you were totally hot. You definitely want to shoot for instance number one!

Think of it in terms of celebrities. OkCupid compares Kristen Bell to Megan Fox. Megan is completely polarizing. Some men think she is absolutely gorgeous while some men think she is a total zero. Kristen Bell, on the other hand, is universally considered good looking.

It would be tough to find a man (or woman) who didn’t think Kristen Bell was "cute" in her last movie.

For this reason, the study implies that Megan Fox would go on more dates than Kristen Bell.
So, here’s what we know so far:

• When men disagree about your physical appearance, you get more attention.

• Being considered "cute" by everyone means you’re likely to be ignored.

• In reality, you want some men to think you’re "ugly".

These results seem a little crazy, right? I mean, most people will tell you that the more people think you’re hot, the better. What’s up with these silly results?

OkCupid has a theory that sounds pretty good to us. When men see a woman they think is super attractive and notice that not everyone feels the same way, they think there is less competition and take their chances. When men see a woman they think is super attractive and notice that everyone feels the same way, they think they will just get lost in the shuffle and stay away.

Our theory is that there is no shortage of beautiful women in the world! Men are used to seeing women who remind them of Kristen Bell. You know, the cute girl next door type. When men see a woman who looks a bit different than that type (like Megan Fox), they have a stronger opinion. This, combined with the fact that they feel more confident, leads men to approach the Megan Foxs of the world more often.

OkCupid recommends that you highlight whatever it is about yourself physically that you think some men don’t like. You’ll create the polarizing scenario and nab a bunch of new dates for this weekend.

Want to ensure there is a second date? Our website, LuvEssentials, has pheromones for women that can give you greater success. If you’re curious about the study you can read more about it here: OkCupid Study. Source from LuvEssentials Blog.

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