Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ways To Surprise Your Husband On Father’s Day

In less than a week, a lot of people in many parts of the world will be celebrating father’s day. Just like on mother’s day, many parents make plans for the whole family on that special day especially if the children are too young to make extra special for the celebrated parent. Hence, during father’s day many wives take effort to make the day special for their husbands.

Although planning something with the whole family is always an option, surprising the father of your children is a good idea also. Below are some ways you can surprise your husband on father’s day.

Breakfast in bed. Start the day right by giving the man of the house his favorite breakfast in bed.  Get up early and cook your husband’s favorite breakfast. If your kids are old enough, enlist their help in preparing and cooking. Even if they are still small, feel free to involve them by letting them do tasks that are appropriate for their age such as helping you bring the breakfast to their father.
Make it a day of dad’s choices. Spend the whole day together as a family and let dad decide what he wants to do. Offer some choices for him such as watch his favorite sports live, a quick swimming trip to the beach or the pool, or do his favorite pastime such as play golf or bowling.
Give him a relaxing massage. No man can say no to a massage. Squirt some cologne with pheromones men love and then give him a sensual massage that will both relax and stimulate him.
Buy him an unusual gift. There are many ideas for unusual or unique father’s day gifts. Some of these are pheromone men perfume, a photo album of picture capturing his moments with your children, a steak or grill monitor, and many more.
Let him be the kid. Every man has a kid in him. Allow him to let loose and indulge the kid in him on his special day. One of the things you can do is to bring him to an amusement park and let him have fun with the kids. You may also want to bring him to the park or the beach for a picnic; just make sure to pack all his favorite treats.

Give him a shopping spree. Let him have a taste of the enjoyments of shopping by taking him to his favorite shop and letting him shop for whatever he wants.

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