Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Relationship Tips For Women: Eight (8) Secrets To What Men Really Want

Men and women have different views when it comes to love and relationship. While the latter is known to side more on the emotional aspect, it’s another story for the former. Make your man see you in a deeper level. Here are eight (8) secrets to knowing what the guys really want.

  • They want to feel needed. The urge to protect and become a superman is a dream come true to any man. It makes them feel powerful and real good inside because it brings the feeling that they can conquer anything. Create opportunities for him to be your hero. Seek his help on tasks that only he can perform – ask him to pick you up from the office when you work overtime or save you from a boring party full of strangers. Remember not to overdo playing weak and helpless as too much of this can be unhealthy to the relationship.
  • They want respect. Everyone, regardless of the gender, wants to be respected. Every couple has their own individual differences. By respecting his beliefs and priorities, you are conveying that your regard for him as a person is very high and that he’s a decent and trustworthy guy. Consult his opinion for the things that hugely matter. This will prove that you value his thoughts and that his words are of great importance to you.
  • They want appreciation. Even the best looking, smartest guys on earth have their own insecurities. Show that you accept him for what he is and actually love him – all flaws and good points. Notice his new hair cut, how neat his appearance is and the way he carries himself. Laugh at his jokes, funny or corny it may seem. If he accomplished something momentous in his career, be proud of him. Keep your eyes glued only to him during your dinner date. Make him feel the sexiest human being alive.

  • They want independence. Men are deeply attracted to ladies who are independent and know their own capabilities and skills. They cannot resist a self-sufficient, secure and confident woman. It inspires them. Be your own person and don’t make him your world. He would want his own space and freedom too so give him his privacy and cease that nagging.

  • They want emotional maturity. Who needs someone who, at the first sign of trouble, either gives up right away or starts the blaming or name-calling game. They want a partner whom they can rely on emotionally and not someone who acts as if she just came out of a drama set from a daily soap opera, tears, hysterics and all. Be cool and objective, honest and sincere. Make fidelity and commitment the most sacred rule.

  • They want challenge. Challenges always pose as an amazing spice in any partnership. Always find a reason to reinvent yourself so he’d be challenged and in fact be looking forward to seeing various facets of you. Be a prize to behold. Invite him to an activity where you excel and let him stand next to people who are worthy competition for your attention. Leave a lasting impression every day you’re together by creating experiences with him that are both memorable and challenging.

  • They want passion and excitement. The secret to sizzling hot relationships lies on attracting the pheromones in men. Maintain the attraction bar and learn when to tease and heighten up the thrill. Flirt and play with him. Be unpredictable and surprise him. Take the pheromone advantage and bring up the level of excitement – dab his favorite scent on your pulse points and drive him wild or wear fabrics and textures that tantalize his imagination. Prep in front of him – apply lipstick on those red, pouty lips, fix your hair beautifully and leave a few strands teasingly. The usual guy doesn’t usually get this type of chance so this would be a sure turn on because you’re making an effort to be beautiful in his eyes.

  • They want comfort.  They need to know that you’re there when needed and that you can take care of him the way his mother does. It’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – cook for him and treat him like a king. Win his heart forever by being someone he can grow old with – by being his companion and best buddy whom he can tell anything and everythineg.

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