Monday, 26 August 2013

Signs That You Are Ready For A Baby

Every couple, whether married or living together, comes to a point when the topic of having a baby comes up. While some may immediately know whether they are ready or not, there are some who are not very sure of it. Some individuals can ascertain even before they met their partners that they want to have kids some day. For these people, meeting someone and letting pheromones work is just the start. A couple may know that kids are in their future; the question is when they are ready to start having them.
Below are some signs that may indicate your readiness for a baby.
  • You are secure. Being mentally, emotionally, and financially secure will definitely make your foray into parenthood a bit easier. A lot of people can prepare all they want but they may still seem unprepared when that time comes. Making sure that you are emotionally and financially ready to have a baby will help a lot.
  • You are ready to clean poop. There are many difficult tasks involved in having a baby and cleaning poop is considered by many to be their baptism into parenthood. Do not worry, it only takes two to three poop-cleaning tasks and then you would easily get the hang of it from there. Bundle this with all the other baby tasks such as putting the baby to sleep and giving baby a bath.
  • You and your partner have adjusted to life together. Adding another creature to your tandem will take some adjustment so it is very important that the two of you have adjusted well already to your life together. This will allow you to focus on adjusting to the baby and not to each other. It may take some time before you can put on that pheromone perfume and go out with your partner on a real date so you need to make sure that your relationship can handle being put in the backseat for the mean time.
  • You love babies and kids. If you cannot stand having a baby around and you can barely hold a baby in your arms, then it might not be the right time to have one. On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting to hold every baby that comes your way and you think you can handle taking care of one for hours on end, then you can probably handle it well if you go and have a baby soon.

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