Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Pheromones Work! Check Out These Customer Testimonials (part 4)

"Best customer service, best product ever!!!! I've been using Max Attraction for over a year... and it only gets better!!! I've never had any problem meeting guys before... but somehow a friend started talking about women pheromones and how they were working for her... I just wanted to know if what she was saying was real... and it was!! I started getting more dates, guys showed more interest ... and I'm even getting married in a few months!"
Claudia, CA

Hi! I hope I didn't mess this up. I ordered from you, but I forgot to do the fast delivery. I must have the product by this time next week! Do you think it will reach me by then, useing UPS ground? If not is there anything I can do, change my shipping status maybe? I don't mind paying for the faster delivery if you think I need it. Please, please, help me out here! Thank you for your time and effort! Your products actually do work. I'm hooked.
Jemi, NV

"Thank you for the exception customer service. I picked my package at the post office today. In the future I will like to use USPS mail. I am surprised at the power of the product (Max GOLD). It is exceptional !!!!!!!"
Arnold, DC

"Thanks! Just wanted to let you know I think you have terrific customer service, and have been a great help through this. It could have gone a lot less smoother, but your team did a awesome job! Thanks again,"
Amanda, MN

"I just wanted to let you know that you really do have a great line of products. I bought one bottle of Temptress to try you guys out and had very good results. Keep up the high quality product!"
Adrianne, IL 

"I am a psychologist and have several specialization areas. I know a lot about research. I appreciated your complete explanation of why your product is better, and I loved that you backed it up with a money back guarantee. I have always gotten alot of attention from men, has never really been this easy. It's crazy, I'll walk in a store and every man in there wants to help me including the men ahead of me in line. I bought the max attraction, because I thought the other pheromones would help with confidence. I sure needed after trying to handle all the attention I was getting. It was overwhelming, no joke. I'm going to try your roll on copulins next. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been really fun."
Liz, TX

"As advertised... Works better than expected. Thanks."
Seth, OH

I got hit on by three women at Starbucks, wow."
Jim, IL

"Received very quickly to the UK. Excellent product. Excellent communication"
Helen, United Kingdom

"I just want you to know that I have tried what is "supposedly" the original and best pheromones, "------" and they do not even come CLOSE to your pheromones in any way. In fact they do not even give you a BOTTLE to keep it in! They are not very friendly, either, and insist their pheromones are the only "REAL THING." When I told them their product didn't work very well, (this is AFTER I have been using yours for years) they told me, "Well, pheromones only work on a percentage of the population; they probably don't work for you." That's strange, I told them;Luvessentials human pheromones work great for me! Just wanted to share this with you! P.S. Your copulins really work! My man goes insane. I actually have to be a little careful with Temptress. It's scary how potent it is."
Terry, NY

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