Monday, 19 December 2011

How to succeed with women - 5 things every woman wants from a man

Success with women is easy to obtain. Develop character traits like kindness, trust, and honesty to draw women to you and you will inevitably come out with a strong relationship with the right woman. Here are five things that every woman wants from a man.

1. A good provider

Women are looking for men that are good providers. They want to know that they will be cared for if they decide to marry the man and have children that all of their needs will be met. Men do not have to be become billionaires or millionaires to get women to like them, but they should have a stable source of income, a decent job, a car, and a house or apartment of their own.

2. Honesty and trust

Women always look for honesty and trust in a man. Women want to know that they can trust him and know that he will be there for them. This means that men should be open about their wants, needs, and desires with the women that they are in a relationship with. There is no need to hide or put up a facade to the person you are in a relationship with, so if you feel like you cannot be honest with them then they are probably not the right person to be with in the first place.

3. Kindness

A lot of women go for the nice guy, so kindness is definitely important. Although a lot of people think that women like the risky and edgy guys, those types of relationships rarely last and the women often regret dating those type of men. Women are usually happier and more satisfied with men that are nice and kind to them, their family, and future children.

4. An emotional and physical connection

Developing an emotional and physical connection with a woman does take time, but it is essential the success of the relationship. Yes, pheromone cologne may help establish a physical attraction, it is still up to you to maintain an emotional connection. Spend time with the woman and learn about what she wants out of life and try to build a connection through shared experiences like travel, volunteer work, and visiting friends. 

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