Thursday, 8 December 2011

Modern Day Love Potion

What are pheromones? The term Pheromone is usually used and heard in the animal kingdom as well as in the insect world. The reason why is because animals and insects are known for their use of pheromones as a social response, particularly in procreation.

However, other than from animals and insects, pheromones are also known to exist among humans. And because of its potential, these natural chemicals have been studied by different scientists all over the world, and that some have even harvested these chemicals. A popular application in which this is used is for attracting the opposite sex, a popular love potion in the modern world.

Effectiveness of Pheromones
According to many experts, the reason why one person, mostly male, can easily attract women for one-night-stands while others have had difficulties in achieving one, is because of human pheromones. Not all people have the same level of pheromones. Some are known for their higher levels of pheromones, while others have below average pheromone levels, which is why some men are good with the women while others are not.

However, because of today’s technologies and advancements, a number of scientists had finally found a way to........(read more at

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