Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tips For Having An Open Relationship

If you are well versed with the general definitions of an open relationship and you think you are suited to being in one, then here are some tips that might just help start or last in an open relationship.
Get involved with people who share the same opinions of the relationship as you.
There is no strict boundary that defines an open relationship. The limits and expectations that provide a guideline for the relationship is very much specific to the people involved in it. Arrangements basically differ from couple to couple, so if you are planning to be in one, it would be easier to get involved with a partner that has the same ideals or understanding of the situation as you. This makes it more convenient to talk about the limitations or expectations that would be imposed on each other. 

Communicate regularly with your partner.
Like in any relationship, an open relationship will also change depending on how the couple responds to outside influences (especially since this type of relationship is more prone to outside pressure). It is very important that you and your partner are always aware of the changes in each others’ feelings and understanding of the situation so that you do not fall apart. Constant communication is a must in order for this particular setup to work. Because of the sheer nature of an open relationship, there are more sensitive complications to it compared to a regular exclusive one. Talk to your partner if he/she is still comfortable with developments to your arrangements. Remember that people’s feelings change. If you both feel that the relationship is progressing because of the inclusivity (or the lack of exclusivity), then you can expect the relationship to last. 

Prioritize your partner
Regardless of what your reasons are for being open in the relationship, you should always remember that your partner is your priority. Your obligations, time, and attention to your partner should never be compromised by the openness of your relationship. No matter how effectively your pheromones attract women, your partner should still be your priority. This is an effective means to prevent distrust and jealousy to build between couples. 

Set limitations that are to be mutually followed by the couple.
Talk about what makes you uncomfortable in the open nature of the setup. Simple demands such as no using of pheromone perfume, no dating in your special place, and such should be discussed early on. Questions such as when the other one is allowed to date, or with which people they can date, should be clear to both partners. You see, despite not being exclusive, an open relationship is still supposed to be founded on trust. In order to maintain this trust, limitations are necessary.

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