Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tips For Men: How To Win Your Girlfriend’s Friends

Your girlfriend’s best friends play a huge role in her life. They are the first people she runs to when she’s happy or excited, and when she’s down on her luck or depressed. If she’s in love, they would surely be the number one choice in her “secrets” list of the top persons to tell. If you just had a big fight, brace yourself as they will definitely know about it as if they’ve been there themselves during the entire scenario. Needless to say, gaining their stamp of approval is necessary to have a harmonious relationship with your ladylove. Get them to like you in five (5) easy ways. Here is a guide to show you how.

  • Find a common interest and organize a get-together. How do they usually bond? Do they go bowling on Fridays? If they do, arrange a Friday hangout where you can bowl all you want. Do they like to travel? Perhaps, they are beach lovers. Invite them to an out-of-town beach trip this weekend where everybody can laugh and have fun. These activities can reinforce the fact that you are not looking for a fling and that you really want to be a part of your woman’s life.
  • Listen to them and ask their opinions. So you’re having the usual Q&As a normal boyfriend experience, questions such as where are you from, what do you do for a living, what are your plans in the future, etc. When this happens, be on full alert. Some of the Qs may be meant to test how serious you are with their girl. Ensure that you are always genuine with your reactions and honest with your answers. If you’re interested to learn more about your lady, keep it simple and creative. What better way to display your affection but to plan a surprise birthday party for your sweetheart? Girls love that so if you consult them if she’d like this certain idea for the theme or not, this would surely improve their trust level on you as this indicates that you are after their friend’s happiness. Use your natural charm when you talk to them. It’s been proven that men’s pheromones attract women so let it do its thing. Get their attention and make them aware that you’re an alpha male who’s out to please his queen. Your babe would certainly be the envy of all.
  • Treat them nicely. You bumped into one of them while you’re on a field work, say a quick hi and smile. You’re on your way home and you happen to see them nearby, offer a ride. Give them your time and regard them as you would to your own buddy regardless if you are in hurry or beating a deadline. These lil gestures will go a long way. Do them a favor once in a while. You got extra tickets to a concert of a foreign band, offer complementary copies. Her engaged friend is on a tight budget and urgently needs an affordable wedding photographer, volunteer if you got the skills. Make their lives easier.
  • Recognize her space. Let your sweetie be out with them and enjoy their company without interruption. Do not be possessive. Recognize her privacy and individuality. If you think she spends more time with them than with you, speak to her about it. Open your communication channels so there would be no room for misunderstanding and jealousy.
  • Just be yourself. Look good and be neat. Smell nice and seduce her with pheromone cologne. Dazzle her with your appearance. Wear outfits that are designed to make you appear like you just stepped out of a men’s magazine. Be a gentleman and give her respect that she deserves. Treat her to an unforgettable romantic island getaway. Woo her with favorite things. Make her fall everyday. It’s all about how you make her feel that matters. If you’re doing the right thing, you would instantly acquire her friends’ consent without doing so much. Remember, they share anything and everything under the sun so your actions will reflect through her words.

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